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Farolero Theatrical Immersive Excursion

The Farolero Lamplighter Excursion is an immersive, theatrical journey. How is it different from regular walks with a guide?

Music, fascinating stories, and characters woven into the form of a quest, vintage photographs, bright costumes, interactive activities, and unexpected surprises — this is a real holiday!
The main character of the promenade is the legendary lamplighter FAROLERO.
He knows the city like the back of his hand and tells unique stories about it and its famous residents.

You will get to know the city in a completely unusual way. You will be dressed in cloaks, an audio guide and headphones will be provided — the main performance will sound in them with the voices of artistes with studio sound. Ordinary streets and attractions will become the main scenery.


  • You will find out:
  • How to discover treasure by “pulling the strap”?
  • Who used to eat caviar with spoons?
  • How did Marquis rent a hotel room to cockroaches?
  • Where were billboards placed in the 10th century?
  • Where is the Nizhny Novgorod bottom?
  • How did the river dissolve white gold?
  • Where is the house with two faces?
  • You will also touch the oldest stones in the city, find the stone sun and travel back in time in a time machine!


  • You will find out:
  • Who created “Pocket of Russia”?
  • How did a saucepan become the beginning of love?
  • How did a warehouse cross a century?
  • How did a candy wrapper help make a dream come true?
  • Why are Nizhny Novgorod residents called water-drinkers?
  • And also try on the role of a detective, take part in a dance battle and taste the Nizhny Novgorod pryanik (treacle cake)!

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For adults and children 3+

Group/individual/corporate format